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Parasitology Research website covers the latest developments in parasitology across a variety of disciplines, including biology, medicine and veterinary medicine. Among many topics discussed are chemotherapy and control of parasitic disease, and the relationship of host and parasite.

Research has shown that the addition of multimedia into education improves learning. Particularly in life-sciences, multimedia has shown to be beneficial because it provides visualization of concepts that are difficult to envision.

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Immunology touted as next big thing for popular science

It's important to find out about immunology because it is crucial for understanding human health and disease. Plus, the human body is one of the greatest wonders of the universe, and its complexity, delicacy and elegance is clearly revealed in the way our immune system works. Immunology explores how our immune system seeks out and destroys dangerous bacteria, viruses and fungi. It also examines how its activity connects with other body systems and influences, for example, our metabolism and hormone levels - and controls how well we feel. Sleep, stress, nutrition and our mental health are all connected to our ability to fight infections .

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